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Our Story

One night, my wife Ms. Salma Prabhu, was discussing with me, that over the last 15 years, she had profiled around 42,000 students and helped them in making proper career choices! She also mentioned regarding her widespread work in educational institutions in the field of counseling and remedial education (dyslexia) which had made a lasting difference in the lives of affected students and parents.

It was indeed an exhilarating thought, filling our hearts with a sense of pride! The consistent work, the persistence! The trials and tribulations of seeing thousands of parents go through traumatic indecisive moments and then the joy of having seeing them from confusion to clarity!

Then in flash of a moment, some vital statistics came alive which took me to the real world of facts as they stood today.
Fact 1: Every year almost 2 crores students in India pass out of std X and std XII and of these hardly 10% make an informed career choice based on their ability and interest
Fact 2: Statistics show that atleast 8-10% of the students are affected by some amount of varying dyslexia of which more than 90% go undetected
Fact 3: There is a tremendous shortage of trained counselors and professionals in career counseling and for treating learning difficulties like dyslexia

What is it that needed to be done to help the students and parents in the areas identified above?

Being an HR Restructuring & Change Management Consultant until then, I took it upon myself to steer and guide this project. The driving force was our vision, our strength was the goodwill generated over the years, our desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people and help them arrive at their own WIN-WIN SITUATIONS!

We were through with our self introspection and we began our journey of converting our dreams into reality.

The idea was to build, an organization that will continue to serve mankind, long after Salma and myself, would be physically unable to contribute towards the cause.

There were of course, some dampeners. A project of this scale and magnitude had never been attempted before in India. There are many set ups in India guiding students on identifying their career path, however the solutions are not in standardized form and many a times leads to confusion in the students mind. Same holds true for remedial interventions for dyslexia students.

We were clear on the broad based services that we would strive to excel in on a Pan India format and they were-
Career Counseling services to individuals, students & families across India empowering them to take informed career decision.

Learning Difficulties Solutions to identify, intervene and train children and guardians in management of dyslexia or any other learning difficulty and making our remedial services available at family’s doorstep.

Create a pool of professional, empathetic and like-minded counselors and special educators who would help us reach out to the masses

Like any new venture the proposal was presented to a number of investors. However, with this dream project and a noble thought of creating win-win situations, we both were not ready to compromise on the deliverables. We were firm on joining hands with only those who would share the same vision and nurture this baby with their heart and soul.